Family law focuses on matters pertaining to domestic relationships, like adoption, inheritance, and child custody, among others. The experienced and learned family lawyers at AK Tiwari and Associates at Noida represent clients in family court proceedings or related negotiations and are efficient in drafting important legal documents. Most family law practitioners represent clients in divorce proceedings and other matters related to divorce. But family law is a comparatively wide-ranging practice area and since family law matters hit so close to home, retaining a trusted legal professional for yourself can help you warrant that your loved ones are properly represented and protected during any legal process. Therefore, AKTiwari and Associates of Noida serves your legal needs in every issue pertaining to family law. Our family lawyers in Noida have practical experience in family law matters and believe in safeguarding the interest of clients in every possible way. From drafting legal documents to representing your interest before a court of law, our family lawyers at AK Tiwari - Noida strive to provide you with the best solutions.

Divorce and Seperation

Family law is a body of law which regulates family relationships, including marriage and divorce, the treatment of children, adoption, and associated economic matters. Owing to the religious diversity of India, matrimonial laws are generally governed by personal laws, for example:

  • For Hindus: Hindu Marriage Act 1955
  • For Christians: the Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872 and Divorce Act 1869
  • For Muslims: Muslim personal laws
  • For Parsi: Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act 1936
  • Special Marriage Act 1954: it is secular law

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Marriage Registration

Marriage registration in India has been made compulsory, and the registration can be made either under the personal laws, such as the Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act or under the Special Marriage Act. As a law firm, AKTiwari & Associates in Noida has a well-appointed team of lawyers and paralegal staff to assist clients in the registration of their marriage under applicable laws. The law firm not only ensures, legal, fair, and transparent dealings for clients, but also ensures that clients do not suffer under hassle or delay, and makes sure that the process is properly conducted.

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Apart from the above-mentioned, family laws pertaining to matters, such as adoption, inheritance, etc. are also governed by personal laws. Family law as a branch of law in India is quite wide, therefore, you must have the support of the most experienced family lawyers at AKTiwari & Associates at Noida to tackle your legal issues.

Why Family Lawyer from AK Tiwari?

Are you revolving around some uninvited and undesirable legal cases? If your reaction is yes, then you must have tried to find a Family lawyer in Noida. The legal matters related to families, such as divorce, adoption, or emancipation, are resolved by family lawyers. They fight your case on your behalf and help you to get the right solution. Instead of just upper facts, they will dig deeper and craft a perfect plan. For instance, if you want to have custody of your child, you should consider hiring Family Advocates in Noida as a mother or father. Here are a few more signs that will help you decide whether you need to consult a family attorney.
Child custody conflict
After the separation of parents, both of them had a legal right to fight for child custody. However, this is not as easy as it seems. You need to go through numerous challenging situations that may demand your child. For instance, your in-laws might force you to leave the child. This is where you need to consult a Family lawyer in Noida.
You want to adopt a child
To adopt a child legally, you need to fill in tons of paperwork and prove your stability to the state and child welfare services. In some cases, you need to go through court hearings to finally prove yourself. This is where you need to find Family Advocates in Noida, and he will do all the paperwork on your behalf and will make sure that you win the case.
You need legal protection
If your family member has addressed you in court, it is important to consult your legal advisor. They will not only help in court hearings but will also create a plan for a positive outcome. In case you are incorrectly accused of child abuse or other such factors, your lawyer will make sure you get justice, along with the custody of your child and legal protection.