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Where any sum is recoverable as an arrear of land-revenue by any public officer other than a Collector or by any local authority, the Collector of the district in which the office of that officer or authority is situate shall, on the request of the officer or authority, proceed to recover the sum as if it were an arrear of land-revenue which had accrued in his own district, and may send a certificate of the amount to be recovered to the Collector of another district under the foregoing provisions of this Act, as if the sum were payable to himself.

Property liable to sale under this Act :

1. When the Collector of a district receives a certificate under this Act, he may issue a proclamation prohibiting the transfer or charging of any immovable property belonging to the defaulter in the district.

2. The Collector may at any time, by order in writing, withdraw the proclamation, and it shall be deemed to be withdrawn when either the amount stated in the certificate has been recovered or the property has been sold for the recovery of that amount.

3. Any private alienation of the property or of any interest of the defaulter therein, whether by sale, gift, mortgage or otherwise, made after the issue of the proclamation and before the withdrawal thereof, shall be void as against the Government and any person who may purchase the property at a sale held for the recovery of the amount stated in the certificate.

4. Subject to the foregoing provisions of this section, when proceedings are taken against any immovable property under this Act for the recovery of an amount stated in a certificate, the interests of the defaulter alone therein shall be so proceeded against, and no in cumbrances created, grants made or contracts entered into by him in good faith shall be rendered invalid by reason only of proceedings being taken against those interests.

5. A proclamation under this section shall be made by beat of drum or other customary method and by the posting of a copy thereof on a conspicuous place in or near the property to which it relates.

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